In This Free Training Video, You'll Learn:

5 Tips to Overcome Procrastination, Become More Productive, and GET THINGS DONE

How you can overcome the habit of procrastination

How you can improve your focus and get more done in less time

Why setting stakes will help you to achieve your goals

How you can increase your energy and alertness

Why large to-do lists are detrimental to your productivity

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My goal is to uncover what exactly will improve the above things. Then, I test it. And if it works, I simplify it and teach others how to do it. You can use my findings to improve your life, health, and career. 

My work and ideas have been featured in TIME, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Inc., Observer and many more publications.

Hi, I'm Darius Foroux, I research how to overcome procrastination, improve productivity, and achieve more. 

Who Is This Class For?

Anyone who wants to stop procrastinating: entrepreneurs, young professionals, students, job-seekers, college grads, freelancers, artists. If your life and work require some level self-discipline, you know how hard it is to stay focused on what's important. 

Why you procrastinate and how you can beat it

How to conquer inner and external distractions

How to find your "why" and why it matters

How you can improve your focus, get more done in less time, and save HOURS of work

You'll Learn...

What you have to do daily to achieve your goals

Exactly which tools you need to be productive

Why people FAIL to achieve their goals and others succeed

How high-achieving people plan their week

Who do you want to learn from?

What kind of training do you want?

What support do you need?

Do you want tools and processes?

What results do you want?

Why This Class Is Different

The author of Massive Life Success who holds a MSc in Business Administration and has been published on major media outlets.

An exact system that has been tested and proved. A step-by-step method for beating procrastination.

We have a community of highly motivated people inside the course LMS. You can ask me anything, anytime.

I will give you the exact tools and processes you need.

Concrete results: a life-plan, increased productivity, more energy.

Other Courses

The guy who's written a free ebook.

Random advice that you can get from anyone. Just work hard! Get enough sleep! 

You're on your own.

Just the theory and no 'how-to' processes.

No way to measure your results after you finish the course.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you feel this class isn't right for you, I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

This is a self-paced course in an advanced Learning Management System. You can log on to the site and access the lessons and all course materials. There are 20 video lessons, one eBook, and every lesson a description and key takeaways. 

How The Class Works


Lifetime access to all course material

20 lessons (3 hours of video)

Course Handbook

Clear lesson descriptions and key takeaways

What You'll Get

Access to a closed community

Ask me anything, anytime



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